Clark County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

Population in Detail of Subdivisions

From The History of Clark County, Ohio
Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1881 - Page 414

This is from the census bulletins, No. 113 to 117, of corrected returns of the enumeration of 1880, and is therefore the official figures of Clark County population.

Bethel township, including the following vilages, 3,133: Donnelsville Village, 195; *Medway Village, 199; New Carlisle Village, 818.

German Township, including the following villages, 2,100; *Tremont Village, 279, *Lawrenceville Village, 82.

Greene Township, including the following villages, 1,522: *Clifton Village (part of), 22 (see Miami Township, Greene county); *Concord Village, 118; Cortsville Village, 57.

Harmony Township, including the following villages, 1,846; *Brighton Village, 93; Harmony Village, 81; *Plattsburg Village, 53; Vienna village, 170.

Madison Township, including the following villages, 2,396; *Selma Village, 214; South Charleston Village, 932.

Mad River Township, including the village of Enon, 1,812; Enon Village, 362.

Moorefield Township, including the village of Bowlusville, 1,345; *Bowlusville Village, 53.

Pike Township, including the following villages, 1,758; *Dialton Village, 95; *North Hampton Village, 173.

Pleasant Township, including village of Catawba, 1,581; Catawba Village, 250.

Springfield Township, including the following places, 24,455; *Edwardsville, 129; *East Springfield Village, 148; *Florenceville Village, 12; *Lagonda Village, 474; *Sugar Grove Village, 146.

First Ward, 2,211; Second Ward, 2,100; Third Ward, 2,905; Fourth Ward, 1,396; Fifth Ward, 2,967; Sixth Ward, 3,368; Seventh Ward, 2,666; Eighth Ward, 1,351; Ninth Ward, 1,766; Springfield City, 20,730; West Springfield Village, 245.

NOTE — village of Clifton, in Greene Township, and Miami Township, Greene County, 267.

It will be borne in mind that only a portion of the village of Clifton is in this county.

* The asterisk deontes that the limits of the town or village are not clearly defined, and the population is therefore, to some extent, estimated.

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